Friday, April 22, 2011

Citizen To Government (C2G) KPO And LPO Services In India

In this guest column, world’s best techno legal LPO and KPO provider Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) has shared unique and wonderful insight of the potential citizen to government KPO and LPO services. As more and more governmental fields have now been opened up for private sectors through public private partnership (PPP) model, knowledge based inputs, suggestions and policies have assumed a new meaning. This article is exploring this possible LPO and KPO field of the future where global leader Perry4Law has been providing its services.

Legal Process Outsourcing in India (LPO in India) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing in India (KPO in India) are well known. The LPOs and KPOs in India operate in a wide variety of areas. Some of them are providing great services to their clients. However very few of them have explored the market for ICT related and Techno Legal LPO and KPO Services in India.

For instance, if an assignment pertaining to Cyber Forensics or Cyber Security is forwarded to India, there are very few firms that can manage the same. Similarly, issues like E-Discovery in India are also managed few LPO and KPO Providers of India alone.

Another area that very few KPO Providers can anticipate is the KPO Services to the Governments of various Nations and International Organisations and Institutions. Since these International Governments and International Organisations require Domain Specific and Highly Specialised “Knowledge Based Inputs”, the market for Citizen to Government (C2G) KPO is also emerging.

In order to cater the C2G KPO needs of various Governments and International Organisations, Perry4Law, Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB), Perry4Law Techno Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC), etc have put in place various mechanisms. These Techno Legal Mechanisms are “Customised” in such a manner that almost all the Techno Legal Requirements of various Stakeholders are met properly.

Perry4Law. PTLB and PTLITC are collectively providing the best and widest possible Techno Legal Policies and Strategies to the intended Stakeholders. Some of the areas where Perry4Law, PTLB and PTLITC provides their Techno Legal LPO and KPO Services include Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Warfare, Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Espionage, Homeland Security, Internal Security, Digital Evidencing, E-Discovery, Cyber Due Diligence, E-Courts, National E-governance Plan (NEGP), etc.

Besides, Perry4Law, PTLB and PTLITC also provide Techno Legal Trainings to Lawyers, Judges, Public Prosecutors, Police Officers, Corporate Executives, Law Graduates, etc.

Perry4Law, PTLB and PTLITC are also managing the Exclusive Techno Legal Cyber Forensics Research, Training and Education Centre of India and Cyber Security Research, Education and Training Centre of India. Further, they are also managing the Exclusive Techno Legal E-Courts Training and Consultancy Centre of India. Another unique achievement of Perry4Law is establishment of the Exclusive Centre on the Protection of Human Rights in Cyberspace. Even the Exclusive India Centre for ICT in Parliament is managed by them.

With the use of extensive Public Private Partnership (PPP) in India in future, the scope of C2G LPO and KPO Services is going to increase and Perry4Law, PTLB and PTLITC would play a decisive and major role in the development of this field in India and abroad.