Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Computer Security Laws In India

Computer security in India is a very important aspect of national cyber security policy of India. Be it military computers, crucial governmental computers and systems or big corporate computers and networks, all of them have been successfully breach in the past in India.

Obviously, computer security is not a problem of individuals alone but also of big corporates and government of India. In order to ensure effective, robust and strong computer security in India, we need stringent cyber law and effective computer security guidelines and procedures.

We have neither dedicated Computer Security Laws in India nor Computer Security Policy of India, informs Praveen Dalal, managing partner of New Delhi based law firm Perry4Law and leading techno legal specialist of India. Further, even the Cyber Law of India is weak and ineffective to deal with Cyber Crimes and Computer Security risks that India is presently facing, informs Dalal.

The Information Technology Act, 2000 is the sole Technology Law of India that is unsuccessfully and desperately trying to cover the areas of Cyber Law, Computer Forensics, Computer Security, etc. Practically, it is not effective for even a single field as we need specific and dedicated laws for all these areas, suggests Dalal.

India needs to formulate suitable cyber law, computer security laws and computer forensics legislations. Presently, we have none and our cyberspace is vulnerable to all sorts of cyber attacks.

It is high time for Parliament of India to consider the seriousness of the situation and ensure enough, and strong technology laws covering areas like cyber law, computer security and computer forensics.