Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Public Private Partnership And Internal Security Of India

If you are a security vendor or service provider you must have realised that the internal security and defence sectors are systematically being opened for private participants. Traditionally, these fields were reserved for the governments as its sovereign functions.

Even in India we are witnessing an increasing use of public private partnership (PPP) model for managing internal security and defence related functions of the state. Indian government is increasingly becoming liberal in this regard and is offering a joint partnership for the same.

This is natural as well as the contemporary security issues like Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics are no more within the service domain of Indian Government. These areas require domain specific expertise that only private individuals and organisations can provide, says Praveen Dalal, managing partner of Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) and CEO of India’s exclusive techno legal Cyber Security Research, Training and Education Centre in India (CSRTCI). In fact, the entire Homeland Security in India is one such area that would be guided by a PPP Model in future, informs Dalal.

Indian government has said that it is ready to accept participation of private players in internal security area provided they spend at least 5 to 7 per cent of their profits in research and development (R&D) to get cutting edge technology. This is a genuine demand as we have very few research and development centers in India for internal security and homeland security.

For instance, India has a single techno legal cyber security research and development centre managed by PTLB. Similarly, India has a single techno legal cyber forensics research and development centre managed by PTLB. We need more such techno legal institutions in India.

Home Ministry of India and other Ministries of India have launched projects like central monitoring system (CMS), national intelligence grid (Natgrid), Aadhar, crime and criminal tracking network and systems (CCTNS), etc that also need domain specific expertise. Even for these projects, private individuals and organisations are helping Indian government to implement the same.

PPP in India is going to stay for internal security, defence and homeland security related fields. It is for the private companies to capatilise these opportunities.