Sunday, April 24, 2011

Indian Regulatory Service Proposed By Law Ministry

Indian legal and judicial system needs urgent rejuvenation and revamp. Indian legal system is suffering because the basic level legal education in India is defective. Legal education of India needs urgent reforms so that better lawyers and legal professionals can be produced. Even there is little focus on continuing legal education in India.

Another area where the legal education of India has to keep pace is the technical education skill development. Legal education has now become multi disciplinary in nature. The legal fraternity must be well versed with both technical as well as legal aspects. Further, legal education and training is also no more a single phase exercise. It has become a continuing learning and lifelong learning experience. Professionals are required to upgrade their skills and expertise from time to time as new concepts and technologies are introduced at a regular basis.

The Law Ministry of India has proposed establishment of an Indian Regulatory Service on the lines of IAS and IPS. In the past as well, the Law Ministry has proposed Indian legal services examinations on similar lines. These are far reaching reforms and must be implemented as soon as possible.

A pool of experts drawn from different fields will form the backbone of the new service. Instead of giving the task of handling regulating issues to retired bureaucrats and former judges, experts drawn from various fields should be encouraged to join the service. This is a good step in right direction. Institutions like Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) can help the Law Ministry in achieving this task.

Perry4Law and PTLB have been providing various techno legal trainings, education, research and coaching in India and world wide. Some of the areas covered by PTLB are continuing legal education in India, online lawyers and judges training in India, Indian legal services examinations training and education, Indian regulatory services examinations and trainings, etc.

PTLB provides Domain Specific and Highly Specialised Trainings in areas like Regulatory Services, Cyber Law, Cyber Forensics, E-Courts, Digital Evidencing, E-Discovery, etc, informs Praveen Dalal, managing partner of New Delhi based law firm Perry4Law and CEO of PTLB. We need “Domain Specific Experts” to manage different areas of Governmental Dealings, suggests Dalal.

It seems even the Indian government is considering changing the traditional approach. With experts managing the regulatory bodies of India, fair and better results would be ensured. Let us see how soon these reforms would be implemented by Law Ministry of India.