Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cyber Security Policy Of India In Pipeline

 Praveen Dalal, Managing Partner Of Law Firm Perry4Law. 

Cyber security in India has always remained in doldrums. India has not paid enough attention to either cyber law or cyber security related issues. Cyber security policy of India is still missing. Keeping in mind the increasing cyber attacks against India, national cyber security policy of India is needed as soon as possible.

India's national cyber security policy was never considered part of the national security policy of India. For some strange reasons India considered cyberspace and Internet as an insignificant area that need not to be guarded against cyber attacks.

India must not forget that a sound national security policy must have many essential and important aspects incorporated into it. One such essential component is cyber security policy and strategy of India. Till now we have no implementable national cyber security policy of India.

According to Praveen Dalal, managing partner of New Delhi based Law Firm Perry4Law and leading techno legal expert of Asia, Indian Counter Terrorism Capabilities needs Rejuvenation to deal with traditional Terrorism and Cyber Terrorism. Cyber Warfare against India is increasing and Cyber Security Capabilities of India must be strengthened to tackle the same, suggests Praveen Dalal. Cyber Security Skills Development in India must be taken seriously and dependence upon Internet Censorship and E-Surveillance should be forsaken immediately, opines Praveen Dalal.

Perry4Law and Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) are filling this gap in India and abroad. They are maintaining the exclusive techno legal cyber security research, education and training centre of India (CSRTCI). Further, techno legal e-learning courses, education and trainings by PTLB are also provided by them to make techno legal cyber security professionals in India.

However, international community must also look towards harmonisation in this direction as cyber attacks are global in nature. Till United Nations (UN) steps in and enacts “universally acceptable” international cyber law treaty and international cyber security treaty, this problem would remain murky and difficult to resolve. Further, nothing can benefit more than an international cyber security cooperation that is urgently required.

The incidences of cyber attacks, cyber terrorism, cyber espionage, cyber warfare, etc are increasing against India. However, in the absence of India’s national cyber security policy, cyber security in India is a neglected field. We must urgently develop cyber warfare capabilities in India to thwart growing cyber attacks against India. Further, we must also formulate a cyber warfare policy in India that is presently missing.

Cyber warfare is also the reason why we need to ensure critical infrastructure protection in India and critical ICT infrastructure protection in India. In fact the growing cyber attacks are affecting Indian critical infrastructure. Thus, cyber security capabilities through techno legal cyber security trainings in India must be strengthened. We must stress upon cyber security skills development in India.

However, there is a grave cause of concern these days. Human rights in India vis-à-vis cyberspace are always ignored. Surveillance of Internet Traffic in India is now a normal practice informs Praveen Dalal. Surveillance of Internet Traffic without Procedural Safeguards is Violative of Civil Liberties of Indians in Cyberspace, claims Dalal. Big brother in India is violating Indian constitution without any check and balances in the name of national security and cyber security and this practice must be abandoned. Instead, sufficient cyber security skills must be developed so that cyber threats can be effectively tackled in India.