Thursday, June 16, 2011

WordPress Is Engaging In Unreasonable Blogs Censorship

Blogging platform Wordpress is engaging in unilateral and unreasonable Blogs censorship. Our platform Techno Legal Journalists was censored by Wordpress without any information. Our query to WordPress in this regard has not been answered even after a week. Further, Wordpress has also disabled the accounts of all our contributors at the Techno Legal News and Views platform as well.

Even Blogs hosted upon Blogspot platform are inaccessible in New Delhi, India once more. But they keep on shifting as accessible and non accessible from time to time. Till the time of writing this news piece, Blogspot Blogs are not accessible once more.

As far as the Wordpress censorship issue is concerned, this is a serious matter as it violates the civil liberties in cyberspace of all those who dare to speak against the authorities. We appreciate very much the bold support of prolific Blogger Jayasree Saranathan in this regard and we expect similar courage from the Blogging community. Today it is our Blog tomorrow it may be yours.

Issues of civil liberties violations must be agitated at the United Nations level and UN must protect human rights in cyberspace. Finally, UN has shown some inclination in this regard. UN now considers Internet access a Human Right and considers disconnecting people from the Internet as a violation of Human Rights and International Law, informs Praveen Dalal, managing partner of New Delhi based law firm Perry4Law and CEO of the exclusive Cyberspace Human Rights Protection Centre of India.

If disconnecting people from Internet is human right, censorship of Blogs and websites is definitely a violation of human rights in cyberspace. I wish UN also takes issues of Blogs and websites censorship seriously and expressly declare them violation of human right in cyberspace.