Sunday, June 19, 2011

What ICANN’s 41st Meeting At Singapore Must Also Consider

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) would hold the Second Public Meeting of the year on 20th June 2011 at Singapore. There are many crucial issues that would be discussed by ICANN in this meeting and allotting new gTLDs would be just one of them. Of course, ICANN 41 meeting is more than a gTLD meeting.

However, it is clear that not everybody agrees with the agenda and issues of this meeting. Besides, this is also not a “one for all” meeting as many more crucial issues have yet to be decided by ICANN in this meeting or subsequent meetings.

According to Praveen Dalal, Managing Partner of New Delhi based IP and ICT Law Firm Perry4Law and CEO of the exclusive Techno Legal Online Dispute Resolution Centre of India (TLODRCI), ICANN needs to consider and adopt many more crucial issues like upgradation of UDRP procedure, better and expeditious Dispute Resolution Mechanism, enhanced Cyber Security Initiatives for Domain Name and DNS, better National and International Cooperations with Governments, NGOs and Dispute Resolution Providers, considering interests of Developing Countries and NGOs, etc.

In the present meeting, ICANN would also consider other crucial issues like internationalised domain names (IDNs), inter-registrar transfers, new gTLD applicants from developing countries, etc.

These are just a few examples of dozens of topics that the ICANN Community will discuss during a week containing more than 120 panels, presentations, workshops and other sessions.

Let us see the outcome of this meeting and how the domain name framework changes with this crucial meeting.