Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mobile Security Policy Of India

Mobile security in India has assumed a centre stage these days as more and more online services are attached to mobile phone. Whether it is micro payments through mobile or m-governance, mobile has changed the entire game of public delivery of services in India. The draft electronic delivery of services bill 2011 would further augment use of mobile phone for delivery of services in India.

These days’ malware writers have written specific malware for smart phones. Newer form of viruses and worms are regularly released that specifically target mobile phone. Mobile cyber security in India is need of the hour in these circumstances.

However, mobile security cannot be implemented in India till it is made part and parcel of the larger mobile security policy of India. New telecom policy of India 2011 is in the pipeline and it must include the aspects of mobile security as well.

Further, proposals are also there to constitute telecom security council of India. The council would consider the security aspects of mobile phone hardware and software. The council must play a pro active role for formulating national mobile security policy of India.

However, certain Security Related Issues must be resolved by India urgently, says Praveen Dalal, managing partner of Perry4Law and leading techno legal specialist of India. For instance, Encryption issues must be resolved by India as soon as possible, suggests Dalal. A Sense of Uncertainty among Mobile Service Providers is the last thing that India needs at this point, suggests Dalal.

India should start the ball rolling and formulate a national mobile policy of India that should include all aspects regarding mobile use in India. Mobile security policy must be an essential part of the same.