Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If You Love Blogging Use Two Platforms

Blogs are the most effective tools to express your views and opinions. If a sufficient number of qualitative Bloggers are united, even the government of a nation feels threatened. This results in exercise of Internet censorship and website blocking powers by governments all over the world.

Blogs hosted on Blogspot are most widely targeted for website blocking, Internet censorship or any other kind of experimental blocking. This makes it absolutely essential that you maintain two blogs at two different platforms. This necessitates having a Blog at Wordpress as well.

The point is proved due to the recent experimental blocking of Blogspot domain and sub domain by Indian government. Although the access to the same has been restored yet Google has still not given any reason why Blogs hosted at its platform went blank.

Having a Blog at either platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. While Blogs at Blogspot are more users friendly easy to manage yet Blogs at Wordpress are somewhat difficult to manage. However, Blogs at Wordpress are more responsive to search engines and give a better viewer ship to the user. Of course, this is what almost all of us would like to have. This may be because of the proper sitemap of Wordpress plus a more liberal robot crawling policy.

Google on the other hand is more responsive to users’ requests and communications. Even Google is more responsive to copyright violation notices that Wordpress fails to achieve. Google is also free from compulsory advertisements that Wordpress sometimes forces upon it users.

In short, Wordpress is user friendly whereas Google is more adaptive and responsive. If a Blogger has to choose between either of them, he may have a choice of his own. But if he is really serious about Blogging, that also beyond the big brother reach, he must choose both.