Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Unique C2G LPO And KPO Services By Perry4Law

Legal process outsourcing in India (LPO in India) and knowledge process outsourcing in India (KPO in India) are growing business markets. Naturally, foreign LPO and KPO providers are also interested in having a share of the same. The matter of allowing foreign law firms and LPO and legal KPO players to conduct their practices and businesses in India is still pending before the courts of India.

While this fight to get a place into the traditional LPO and KPO market is going on, techno legal LPO and KPO leader Perry4Law has been streamlining its citizen to government LPO and KPO mechanisms.

In order to cater the C2G KPO needs of various Governments and International Organisations, Perry4Law, Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB), Perry4Law Techno Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC), etc have put in place various mechanisms. These Techno Legal Mechanisms are “Customised” in such a manner that almost all the Techno Legal Requirements of various Stakeholders are met properly.

With the use of extensive Public Private Partnership (PPP) in India in future, the scope of C2G LPO and KPO Services is going to increase and Perry4Law, PTLB and PTLITC would play a decisive and major role in the development of this field in India and abroad. However, Public private partnership has always remained ineffective for governmental projects. It is only now that crucial fields like internal security and defence sector have been opened up for PPP purposes.

Most E-Governance Projects of India have failed to materialise. Projects like e-courts have failed to take off despite spending crores of money and many years. Even there is no legal framework for mandatory e-governance services in India. The proposed draft electronic services delivery bill 2011 of India is mere eyewash and nothing more.

Now the department of communication and information technology (DCIT) has released a concept note on framework for citizen engagement in NEGP. Although the framework is promising yet there is lack of legal enablement of ICT systems in India. This exclusive C2G LPO and KPO services by Perry4Law, PTLB and PTLITC would help DCIT and Indian government in meeting its knowledge driven initiatives and projects.