Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Twitter Is Censoring Dissenting Digital India Related Tweets In Real Time

In a surprising disclosure, it has been revealed that Twitter is censoring digital India related dissenting tweets in India. Previously it was revealed that Twitter was censoring tweets pertaining to Aadhaar in similar fashion. In fact, aadhaar is a heavily censored subject in India for long.

Speech and expression in general and civil liberties in cyberspace in particular are under severe attack from none other than our own government.  Praveen Dalal, whose tweets on Digital India are censored on a regular basis, believes that far from digital empowerment, Digital India has become the Biggest Panopticon of Human Race. Any tweet about this “Digital Panopticon of India” is also censored by Twitter almost in “Real Time”.

It is not the purpose of Twitter to be a “Media Agent” of Indian Government and censor tweets that are criticising the Digital India project for its Weaknesses, Illegalities and Unconstitutionalities, suggests Dalal.

All this is happening because Indian Parliament and Supreme Court have failed to curb the growing constitutional violations through illegal and unconstitutional e-surveillance by our Executive. Supreme Court has also failed to declare Aadhaar as unconstitutional and this is the root cause of all troubles in India.

Even United Nations has failed to fulfill its duties in this regard. Human Rights protection in cyberspace must be internationally recognised by the United Nations that it has failed to do so far. Let us hope that good sense would prevail and Indian government would stop abusing civil liberties of Indians.