Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Indian Cyber Security Trends 2014 By Perry4Law Organisation

Cyber security has become a top priority in the present world where technology is used for numerous purposes. From business to government services, everything now depends upon technology. This has raised serious cyber security issues around the world.

India is a late entrant in the cyber security field. As a result Indian cyber security is still at the infancy stage. There is no clear cut picture of cyber security in India. However, the Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security Research and Development in India (CECSRDI) of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) has been providing the cyber security trends of India.

For the year 2013, P4LO provided the cyber security trends and developments of India 2013 (PDF). For the year 2014 as well P4LO has released the cyber security trends and developments in India 2014.

The trends document has covered vast areas pertaining to cyber security of India. These include areas like policy and legal framework, national cyber coordination centre, bitcoins, e-commerce websites, cyber security obligations of directors, etc.

For those interested in Indian cyber security, the CECSRDI Twitter account can be a good place to hang out. The account is a good platform to keep oneself updated about Indian and global cyber security related issues.

The cyber security challenges before the Indian government would be tremendous in the year 2015. The international nature of cyber attacks would require a totally different approach towards cyber crimes and cyber security in India. Keeping this in mind, even the cyber law of India would be required to be suitably amended or repealed.