Friday, March 28, 2014

Online Pharmacies Are Operating Unregulated In India

Online businesses and e-commerce are on rise in India. Everybody is of the opinion that e-business is the upcoming field that can fetch a handsome profit to the entrepreneurs who start the same. Various e-commerce and e-business ventures have been launched by Indian entrepreneurs in the year 2103 and most of them already closed their shops. The reason for the closure of these e-businesses is that an idea without appropriate implementation would be ineffective.

Another related problem pertains to failure to comply with the laws of India while indulging in e-commerce and e-businesses. For instance, we have set laws for opening an online pharmacy store in India. Even the Ayurvedic and Nutraceuticals e-businesses are required to comply with Indian laws to operate legally. Health, food and medicine related legal compliances in India have become really stringent. A good compilation of food, health, cosmetics, drugs, medicines and nutraceutical laws, rules and regulations in India has been provided by New Delhi based law firm Perry4Law.

However, online pharmacies in India are not at all complying with the legal requirements pertaining to their operation in India. Rather they are actively violating the laws of India in this regard. Illegal and unregulated online sale of prescribed medicines in India is still happening despite the threat of the Directorate of Drugs Control of India to punish such illegal pharmacies.

According to Perry4Law online sale of prescribed drugs and medicines in India is a very controversial area. Most of the online pharmacy stores in India are unable to comply with the requirements of Indian laws. There are many techno legal requirements pertaining to privacy, data protection (PDF), encryption, cyber law due diligence (PDF), Internet intermediary obligations, cloud computing, etc that are required to be complied with by online pharmacy stores operating in India.

Mobile health related laws and regulations in India have added another dimension to these complicated legal norms. If a medical device is also sold by these online pharmacies that intend to serve a health/medical purpose, the mobile health and telemedicine related legal issues would also arise.

The regulatory and legislative measures to check online pharmacies trading in banned drugs in India are also in pipeline. The digital communication channels for drugs and healthcare products in India are also subject to numerous regulatory compliances. All these issues require implementation of techno legal measures on the part of Indian government, opines Perry4Law.

It is for the Indian government to encourage law abiding online pharmacies and punish stringently the illegal pharmacies of India so that the menace of counterfeiting and illegal drugs and medicines can be curbed.