Sunday, September 1, 2013

E-Commerce In India Would Be Regulated By Comprehensive Guidelines

E-commerce in India is, by and large, unregulated in nature. This is resulting in open violation of the laws of India on the one hand and increasing number of e-commerce frauds on the other hand. Techno legal experts of India have been demanding a comprehensive e-commerce legal framework for India for long.

Finally, Indian government has decided to act upon the suggestions of various techno legal experts. As per media reports, India is mulling formulating a comprehensive guideline to deal with e-commerce.

In fact, the Consumer Affairs Ministry of India has already started working on this and has sought suggestions from other ministries. However, as on date no international level study has been conducted on the subject.

E-commerce dispute resolution in India is another grey are in this field. E-commerce related frauds and crimes have increased significantly and they need to be curbed urgently.

There is a surge of illegal e-commerce ventures in India that are not at all in conformity with Indian laws. As on date, the e-commerce websites dealing with online pharmacies, online gamming and gambling, online selling of adult merchandise, etc are openly and continuously violating the laws of India, especially the cyber law of India.

This move of Indian government is a timely move provided there is some actual work in this direction.