Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Third (3rd) Worldwide Cyber Security Summit Of Delhi: Will It Succeed?

India is presently facing many cyber security challenges and problems. These challenges and problems pertain to diverse fields and are complicated in nature. Naturally, cyber security problems, issues and challenges management in India is not an easy task. Various cyber security stakeholders are trying to tackle novel cyber security issues in India but with moderate success.

Cyber security, like any other initiative, requires dedicated, actual and ground level work. If the actual work and will is missing, thousands of partnerships and conferences cannot bring any result.

In the past as well we have heard this question “Will the Second Worldwide Cyber Security Summit of London Succeed”?  After more than a year of posing of this question, it seems to have been answered in “negative”. Coincidentally, the Third (3rd) Worldwide Cyber Security Summit of New Delhi, India is in progress. Now the question is “Will the Third (3rd) Worldwide Cyber Security Summit of Delhi Succeed”?

In the absence of actual and practical efforts in the direction of ensuring cyber security in India, mere conferences and policy formulation would not bring desired results. Of course, real and effective techno legal cyber security initiatives of India like National Cyber Security Database of India (NCSDI) and Cyber Security Research and Development Centre of India (CSRDCI) can be really helpful in bringing ground level and actual cyber security improvement and strengthening efforts in India.

Let us hope that India would move forward from mere declaration and conferences to actual and ground level works.