Saturday, September 15, 2012

Biometrics Collection Is Unconstitutional In India: Experts

Indian government is allowing taking and collection of biometric details of Indian residents without due process of law. According to techno legal experts of India, unconstitutional and illegal biometrics collection laws and practices in India are in abundance. This is happening despite all sorts’ of constitutional protections that Indian residents possess.

However, constitutional protections seems to be more paper work as Indian government is not paying any attention to constitution of India while taking and collecting biometric details in India.

According to Praveen Dalal, managing partner of Perry4Law and leading techno legal expert of Asia, “There is no second opinion that collection of “Highly Sensitive Biometric Details” by any Governmental Agency or Authority in such circumstances is not only “Unconstitutional” but is also “Highly Risky” for Life and Liberty of Indian Citizens/Persons. In fact, collection of Biometric Details by UIDAI and NPR are clearly “Unconstitutional and Illegal” and Indian Citizens and Residents can “Refuse” to provide the same no matter what these Authorities and Laws say”.

While countries like US, UK, etc have abandoned the idea of biometric collections due to privacy violation issues yet Indian government is all committed to deny privacy rights in India.

Similarly, when India is facing shortage of financial resources to meet the most basic projects and to provide the essential living facilities, spending crores of public money is nothing but an indirect method to provide monetary benefits to few. It is nothing short of a scam that has not received public attention.

It is high time to analyse the nefarious objectives and dark sides of this biometric collection exercise of Indian government and put it at rest for ever. Otherwise, e-surveillance in India would be a norm in India and we would lack any form of protection of civil liberties in Indian cyberspace.