Friday, October 14, 2011

Is Corruption Undermining The Higher Education In India?

India is projecting itself as a global education hub. This claim seems to be exaggerated and far from realities. Before claiming India as a global educational hub we must have a reality check. Do we have qualitative education in India? Do we encourage research and novelty in India? Do we discourage corruption and arbitrariness in India so that education can be qualitative?

The answers to these questions seem to be in negative. Neither have we qualitative education in India nor our educational system is free from arbitrariness and corruption. Our educational system is academic in nature that is far from developing skills and practical acumen in our educated masses.

The truth is that PhDs in India are dying despite our boastful claims. Higher education in India needs to be rescued from arbitrariness, lack of transparency, corruption and other vices.

Take the example of higher legal education in India. The truth is that higher legal education in India is in jeopardy. The same is so tardy, troublesome and difficult to be successfully achieved that a majority of researchers do not wish to engage in the same. Even if some dare to go for higher education in India, the flawed educational system of India does not allow successful completion of the same.

While India is making lots of efforts to make Indian educational system qualitative in nature yet till corruption and arbitrariness is eradicated all such efforts would be futile.

Time has come to question and punish those who have made Indian educational system a menace and breeding ground for corruption. Unless this is done, all educational development initiatives of India would fail.