Thursday, August 25, 2011

Indian Jan Lokpal Bill Is Not Ideal And Strong Says Expert

The initiatives of Prime Minister and Anna Hazare camps are worth praising. However, the versions proposed by both camps are myopic in nature and are at best a reflection of their respective ideology.

Firstly, Jan Lokpal law in itself would not be a panacea for all corruption related problems in India unless the same is constitutional, robust, effective and strong. To be an ideal Jan Lokpal law, the same must encompass many more issues that have been ignored by both camps even after they have been suggested by many experts.

Secondly, according to experts like Praveen Dalal, if Jan Lokpal Act 2011 of India has to be successful it must incorporate many more issues like Technology, Whistleblower Protection, Harmonisation between Judicial and Lokpal fields, Right to Information, Mandatory E-Governance Services, etc. These issues are very relevant to make Lokpal law effective, flexible and robust. Unfortunately, none of these issues are covered by either version of the bill or independently by a separate anti corruption law.

The Jan Lokpal Bill 2011 itself requires numerous “Improvements and Additions” suggests Dalal. The Jan Lokpal Bill 2011 must be Techno Legal to be most successful. In short, the proposed Jan Lokpal Bill 2011 must be Strong and Effective. By confining it to either the Governmental version or the version of Civil Activists, we are not going to achieve anything, suggests Dalal.

Let us not enact an impotent law that has no impact at all upon corruption and faulty governmental machinery. Let us insist upon a robust and strong anti corruption law that provides protection to anti corruption crusaders and whistle-blowers. If you are interested in this version of anti corruption law, read on and contribute.