Thursday, June 20, 2013

Central Monitoring System Of India Launched Without Any Parliamentary Oversight And Legal Framework

The dangerous central monitoring system (CMS) of India has been finally launched as per various media reports. However, till now no confirmed and official report has been provided by Indian government in this regard.

The CMS is an e-surveillance and law enforcement tool in the hand of Indian government and its agencies. However, the entire concept of e-surveillance and projects like CMS is full of controversies. India has no constitutionally sound lawful interception legal framework.

Both phone tapping and e-surveillance are done in India without any judicial intervention and purely at the executive level. Even the law enforcement and intelligence agencies of India are not governed by constitutionally sound legal frameworks.

It is only now that the group of ministers has been constituted to draft law for central bureau of investigation (CBI) to make it autonomous and insulate from executive interference.

This is an alarming situation especially when governments around the world are engaging in limitless and unregulated e-surveillance. This has forced even the United Nations to raise its voice against civil liberties violations by various national governments.

India has been playing with the propose privacy bill for long and there seems to be no intention on the part of Indian government to enact the same. Till Indian government respects the privacy rights and civil liberties of Indian citizens, we must use self defence measures to protect the same.