Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Indian Government Wishes More Indian Software For Better Cyber Security

There is no second opinion that cyber security in India must be improved. Even Indian government has accepted this proposition and has admitted that it is a late entrant in this field. Indian government has also announced that a cyber command for armed forces of India would also be established.

India has also formulated the cyber security policy that carries many far reaching reforms in the field of cyber security. The policy has stressed upon indigenous development of hardware and software. Even the security agencies of India have been insisting upon using Indian cyber security software for protecting India’s critical infrastructures. Security agencies re also insisting that VoIP services providers wishing to do business in India must establish servers in India.

It has also been suggested that India must launch its own social media websites so that law enforcement problems can be avoided. As cyber litigation against foreign websites in India is going to increase, we must ensure that they comply with Indian laws. But this is not happening and recently U.S. government also refused to serve Indian summons upon foreign websites located in their jurisdiction.

Recently it has been reported that U.S. government is the biggest buyer of malware. Further, it is also a known fact that even the anti virus and security products can be manipulated to install malware upon victim’s system.

Thus, the decision to use Indian security softwares may seem absurd on the face of it but it is a very crucial and relevant decision. Foreign hardware and software may have backdoors installed in them. If we have indigenously manufactured software and hardware, we can analyse the same for backdoors. Let us see how things would take shape from this stage.