Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nursery Admissions In Delhi Are Still Regulated By Norms And Laws

Nursery admissions procedure at schools of Delhi has now reached at an interesting stage. While the schools are celebrating victory over the judgement of Delhi High Court yet they have not realised that the era of commercialisation of education and teaching shops is about to end very soon.

As has been rightly analysed by my friend Shayam Prasad, the decision of Delhi High Court has, in effect, created more stringent norms for the unaided private schools of India than before. To make the matter conclusive and final, the matter would be taken to the Supreme Court of India very soon.

The only solace for schools can be found in the form that as on date the right to education act is not applicable to nursery admissions. But the same is not final and it is going to change very soon.

Even the Delhi High Court has shown its displeasure with the current non applicability of right to education act to nursery admissions and has recommended amending the law to make it applicable.

Legal experts are already saying that right to education act of India needs reformulation. For instance, according to the guest column of Praveen Dalal, managing partner of Perry4Law and a Supreme Court lawyer, right to education is a successful failure of India and is going against the constitutional protections.

According to Dalal, the most important aspect of the present judgement of Delhi High Court is that it is “Appealable” and the matter would be taken to Supreme Court of India. Further, there is nothing in the Judgment of Delhi High Court that is exempting Schools of Delhi from following the admission related Norms prescribed by other Rules and Regulations, opines Dalal. In short, nursery admissions are still required to be done as per Norms and Regulations and the Delhi High Court’s Judgement has not changed anything in this regard, says Dalal.

So parents do not loose heart and schools do no enjoy this limited victory as the legal battle is still on.

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