Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Intellectual Property (IP) Laws Firms In India

Intellectual property (IP) laws firms in India are playing a major role in the global IP protection and enforcement. Many individuals and companies are utilising the services of Indian law firms and lawyers to protect their respective IP rights.

However, techno legal issues have complicated the traditional IP rights management. These days information technology is increasingly being used world over that is both facilitating and infringing the IP rights of others. Thus, role of traditional IP law firms has significantly changed. 

These days an IP rights can be protected only if the law firm or lawyer is/are good at both IP and technical aspects. This is the point where cyber law firms in India assume significant that can manage both IP related and IT related aspects. This requirement has made a clear distinction between traditional and contemporary intellectual property rights services in India.

There are many good IPRs law firms in India that are catering the requirements of various IPRs holders. However, Perry4Law is the exclusive techno legal ICT law firm of India that is providing many techno legal services in India of unique nature. These include corporate, technology and IPRs service as well.

Indian IP law firms and lawyers must adopt the technological revolution that is changing the entire service sectors world over. As more and more IT is being used to protect and enforce IP rights at global level, ignoring IT issues is not a wise option.

International treaties and agreements have further extended the otherwise territorial nature of IP protection and rights. Now even international treaties have recognised that IP enforcement must be made keeping in mind the technological developments.

For instance, with the adoption of Madrid agreement and Madrid protocol by India, trademarks protection in India would be given a new meaning. International registration of trademarks under Madrid agreement and Madrid protocol would also increase in future.

The IP law firms and lawyers of India must change gears now as even the Indian government has adopted technological methods to file and pursue IP rights in India. E-filing of various IP applications along with their online dealing is gradually becoming popular in India. Perry4Law has set the example that others must follow in India.